One thought on ““Sometimes, I get a bit intimidated when I take a shower with my dad at the YMCA… Sometimes…

  1. Damn!! Dad has a great, muscle, furry body!!! And even better he has a HUGE UNCUT COCK AND HUGE BALLS! I feel like a “mouse” in the shower with dad. Yet, viewing his naked body in the shower always makes me horny for sex, particularly with him. I want to suck his furry nipples, huge cock and balls, and give his furry ass-crack and asshole a rim job! But what I dream about most is Dad fucking my ass deep and hard, and my ass full of his cum-load!! I notice others viewing Dad’s “candy body”, and I wonder if they want to have a romp with my dad. I think I need to spend more one-on-one time with him at home, get closer with him, broaden our conversations, bring up the subject of sex and the subject of us having sex!!

    Ron Miller

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